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As editorial partner to The New York Times, Kite Insights produced over 90 sessions of live journalism at The New York Times Climate Hub over the course of 9 days during COP 26 in Glasgow. The following is a debate from the Climate Hub programme, featuring Chris Stark, Tasneem Essop, Daphne Frias, Sandrine Dixson-Decleve,  Katherine Priestley, Robyn Scott, Somini Sengupta, Michael Nachmany, Paul van Zyl, Sir David King, and Kite’s Sophie Lambin.

The lasting inaction of democratic governments, coupled with the refusal of most political candidates to look beyond the next election cycle, causes us to question whether democratic leaders are, in fact, best placed to achieve unified climate action. While citizens’ assemblies demand that democratic governments give more power to the people, authoritarian governments could be holding the keys to the swift and effective action they’re calling for. In this case, one might be forced to ask: Who can get the job done better?