Shaping the debate on issues that matter.

There is more pressure than ever on companies to articulate

not just what they do but also what they believe in.

That’s where we come in.

We help your company take a stand on global issues and voice that stance across multiple audiences and platforms. Combining research, rigour and creativity, we position your company within the marketplace of ideas and incorporate social impact and responsibility into your broader strategy.

We unlock insights that are evidence-based, relevant and original in order to:

  • express your values and purpose
  • attract and retain your talent
  • spark conversations with new and existing clients
  • inspire business decisions that directly address social, environmental or economic issues.

We uncover these insights in:

  • workshops
  • studies & surveys
  • literature review
  • scenario analysis
  • qualitative interviews

and amplify them through:

  • conferences
  • articles & visualisation
  • storytelling
  • content strategy
  • coalitions

We work with thoughtful companies, large and small.

our approach

It’s collaborative. It is informed by your expertise and inspired by your work. We don’t put words in your mouth, we welcome yours. We help solve real problems by connecting people and ideas. We are passionate about narratives that inspire audiences and unlock the potential of extraordinary initiatives.

We believe that thoughtful content drives thoughtful action.

We accompany you every step of the way, allowing you to gain the confidence needed for maximum impact. We help you navigate:
  • External trends and your company’s position within them.
  • Past work and new research.
  • Future audiences and channels.
  • Strategies for shaping the debate.

It all starts with an IDEA.



I - Inform your positioning on strategic issues through a deep understanding of long-term trends in your industry and how they are interconnected.

D - Design original research to test your hypotheses, refine your points of view and generate actionable insights.

E - Engage your key internal and external audiences through the right mix of media and channels by contributing your views.

A - Act into the future to create the conditions for meaningful change in behaviours and perspectives, measuring progress against objectives.

our work

New York Times Energy for Tomorrow

For the International New York Times, Kite developed the programme and sourced speakers for the Energy for Tomorrow conference, an important set of conversations coinciding with COP21 in Paris and continue the conversation into the following year. You can see the full slate of sessions here.

Convening leaders and great journalists

For four years, Kite has organised discussions, dinners and debates with The New York Times at the World Economic Forum in Davos. These varied events bring together senior world and business leaders from the WEF community with top journalists from The New York Times to discuss issues as varied as the intersection of politics & business, the state of gender equality and the future of artificial intelligence to the impact of Davos discussions on the outside world. See the live tweet from their latest debate here.

Unlocking new ways of thinking

For Mind & Life, we designed a programme and sourced speakers to discuss the importance of mindfulness and mindful practices in business, bringing together a diverse audience and set of contributors and helping to give conference-goers at moment of contemplation at the rush of Davos. You can read more details here.

Private-sector impact on humanitarian problems

At the World Economic Forum, we curated an event with the ICRC to showcase private-sector efforts that can improve the lives of refugees and enhance humanitarian action through connectivity. Similarly, we worked with the IKEA Foundation, KOIS and the Overseas Development Institute to bring together high-level participants for a substantive discussion around access to global capital markets to accelerate development in the world’s most distressed regions.

A flagship business survey on purpose

We designed, executed and analysed the results of a flagship survey of over 1,400 business leaders on the link between corporate purpose and performance for global professional services leader EY. The survey informed multiple pieces of content across different platforms, including several articles, a dedicated report and interactive app, and an executive roundtable at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

An analysis of legal professionals’ views of their careers

We created a major survey of almost 1,000 legal professionals. It uncovered their individual perspectives on their careers, their openness to independent consulting, their expectations for the future and their anticipation of various trends that were shaping the industry.

Global study on the future of work

We analysed the results of a survey on global trends in talent, proposing new lines of inquiry and analysis on the the future of work, the integration of automation, flexible platforms and new ways of working. We crafted compelling headlines and contributed to long-form written content - including the full report - to profile the findings.

An issue-focused dispatch from the global conversation on climate

In a compelling and digestible daily dispatch - published each day of the World Economic Forum in Davos - we captured content from sessions and collected stories of leaders acting on climate change and renewable energy.

Research and a blog series on client viewpoints

Kite produced content for a blog series presenting a client’s perspectives on prospects for mergers and acquisitions in a protectionist world. We conducted primary research and analysis on global trade and investment flows and interviewed experts to create rich and engaging insights for the right audiences.

Supporting women in science

For the L’Oréal Foundation, we conducted wide-ranging research on the state of women's advancement in academic science. Our investigations and interviews helped identify key barriers to their development and ways of overcoming these obstacles. The work contributed to the Foundation's ongoing efforts to support women in science and served as a rich basis for the Foundation's celebration of the 20th anniversary of its L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Award.

Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society

As Editorial Partner of the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society, Kite co-creates the Forum’s programmes and its broader editorial positioning to maximise engagement and impact on vital social and economic issues. We help source speakers and experts who participate in innovative formats during the Forum’s Region and Global Meetings. We also orchestrate the Daring Circles, an initiative that sees different partner organisations working together to generate concrete solutions on issues affecting women and where women are exercising outsize leadership, with a focus on STEM, AI, climate, access to health and supplier diversity.

our insights

We keep our ears to the ground,

tuning in to the world’s most pressing issues and demonstrating

an ongoing commitment to the debate.

our team

We are a diverse, highly analytical and internationally-minded team from a host of different countries. Together we have decades of experience developing content strategies, designing research and event programmes and revealing insights on issues that matter. To complement our core skills, we tap into an extensive network of world class providers: analysts, writers, researchers, designers, videographers, technologists and academics. We have access to subject-matter experts in diverse fields from geopolitics, global risk and corporate governance to biotech, social media and beyond. 

Sophie Lambin

Chief Executive Officer

Sophie is the Founder and CEO of Kite Insights, as well as the Editorial Partner of the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society. She was Director of Global Thought Leadership and External Affairs at PwC for seven years, where she developed a new strategy for the firm’s thought leadership activities. She also led PwC‘s Global Annual CEO Survey and managed the firm’s strategic partnership with the World Economic Forum. Prior to this, Sophie was Executive Director and Publisher of European Business Forum, a joint venture between the Community of European Management Schools and PwC.

Ruth Dobson

Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Partnerships

Ruth works closely with Kite’s CEO on strategic matters and key client accounts, with a focus on social impact and partnerships. Formerly a Partner with PwC, Ruth established and led the firm’s Sustainability and Climate Change practice in Greater China, alongside delivering complex cross border mergers & acquisitions projects for clients. She has held executive leadership roles in a number of mission-led organisations and continues to hold a number of Trusteeships. Ruth is a practised facilitator with experience leading major cross-sector collaborations. She is a Chartered Accountant, a Clore Social Fellow, and holds a Masters in Poverty Reduction: Policy & Practice from SOAS, University of London. Ruth’s adventurous spirit has led her to cycle the length of Africa, run across the Sahara desert and take a train to China to stay for nearly a decade. In quieter moments she can be found in the kitchen, creating something a bit experimental for family and friends, trying to tie herself in knots on her yoga mat, or with her nose in a book.

Jennifer Milliken

Managing Director of Kite Insights Switzerland

Jennifer heads Kite Insights in Switzerland, and is one of the firm's leads for live engagements. She brings to Kite a commitment to social change and more than two decades of experience in qualitative research and the curation of thought leadership conferences and events. Jennifer has worked with private and public sector clients around the world, including helping to lead the launch of nine new forums. She was previously Program Director of Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society (2009-2016), and CEO, Milliken Strategy & Communications (2007-2018). Jennifer holds a PhD in Political Science, a MA in International Relations and a BA in Communication Studies. Jennifer's favourite pastimes are horseback riding, gardening, and swimming in Lake Léman. She is an accomplished chef, now experimenting with vegan cuisine, and an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy.

Rachel Riccardella


Rachel is a writer and editor who helps clients engage with audiences through content. She likes to bring a “big picture” lens to every client interaction, drawing on a range of experiences with corporate and non-profit organisations. Previously, she worked as corporate responsibility reporting manager for State Street Corporation, a Fortune 500 financial services firm, where she published the company’s verified sustainability report and spearheaded its first successful ranking on several international sustainability indices.
Rachel enjoys trips to museums with her kids, visiting with family and the occasional ballet class.

Ebru Ilhan


Ebru (Ab- rou) is a global business strategist, sustainability leader and change driver with fifteen years of experience elevating the operational quality, impact, and profitability of diverse organisations on a European stage. She enjoys listening to stakeholders at all levels of an organisation, teasing out what excites or puzzles them, and building meaningful connections between what she hears and the global debate. Previously, she was leading on corporate sustainability strategy, reporting and communications for a Turkey-based international group of companies. Before that, she spent a decade working for NGOs and think tanks to design and deliver research and policy papers, establish and manage grassroots campaigns and community programmes, and broker multisector partnerships. She holds a PhD in political economy from King’s College London and an MSc in global politics from LSE.

Nicknamed ‘the laughing girl’, Ebru enjoys a good joke, even when it may be on her. She binges on political theatre and TV shows, and likes to tune into the latest on data, tech and design. She dreams of one day living on the Mediterranean coast, growing her own food and cooking a big Sunday lunch to enjoy with her family and neighbours.

Andrew Hansen

Senior Consultant

Andrew is a writer, editor and communications strategist with extensive editorial experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. He has a passion for crafting written content with the right words for the right audience. Previously, Andrew held strategic roles in the European communications function of UPS, representing the company and managing proactive programmes. Andrew has written on economics, and sustainability for Roubini Global Economics, the French-American Foundation and the website of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Andrew lives in London with his family and enjoys reading books about the history of the city and collecting coins.

Grace Chua

Senior Consultant

Grace’s responsibilities include content development, research, report-writing and event support. Previously, she was a science and environment correspondent for The Straits Times, Singapore’s largest daily newspaper, and a freelance journalist and editor focusing on the intersection of science, policy and business in Asia. Her interests include environmental sustainability, behavioural economics and the role of technology in society.
In her spare time Grace reads catholically, enjoys hiking and taking part in road races.

Julian Lambin


Julian’s responsibilities include the synthesis and execution of research at Kite, contributing to report-writing and content development. He holds a Master of Science in Business Management and Politics and a Master of Research from the University of Glasgow. He specialises in uncovering novel methods of research enquiry. Previously, Julian has worked in research and support roles at companies such as CNBC and Google, and as a research associate at the University of Glasgow. Julian has published on issues regarding NGO strategy, and business and human rights governance. Julian is from Scotland and currently lives in London. In his free time, Julian is a passionate drummer and music fan who can be found at gigs across London.

Ela Sackville


Ela is a researcher, writer and communicator. Having recently graduated from Oxford University with a Bachelor of Arts in History, she is now applying her skills to a business environment with a range of entry points, from research and content development, to event support and project management. Ela is passionate about bringing content to life through novel insights and media, from her academic investigations into the literature of modern Cuba, to analyses of business reactions to a world in disruption. Having tried her hat in advertising and research roles, Ela is excited to a apply her editorial mindset to business communications and strategy more specifically. Born and bred in London, Ela is a hispanophile at heart and can be found cooking up a Catalan feast, theatre hopping or generally making the most of what the city has to offer.

James Morris


James ``Jake`` Morris performs research and content development at Kite. He holds a Master of Arts & Social Sciences in Politics and Philosophy from the University of Glasgow, where he focused on public and private sector engagement in Global Environmental Politics. During that time, he conducted quantitative research on the design characteristics of voluntary environmental initiatives. Jake has a keen interest in contemporary political philosophy and international security, and has been engaged on a professional basis in a number of qualitative research projects involving multinational corporations and NGOs.

Sophie de Beistegui


Sophie is a writer and editor. Her expertise lies in crafting narratives and other forms of copywriting. She works in both English and French, having recently graduated from the University of Oxford with a literature degree in both languages. Outside of Kite Sophie is a poet, and has just finished her first poetry pamphlet.

Tess Korten


Tess joined Kite in January of 2019. Prior to working at the firm, Tess worked for a New York political consulting firm doing fundraising and campaign finance. Prior to politics, Tess has experience in government with New York State Senator Todd Kaminsky, and with the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee. She graduated from The University of Michigan, where she studied International Studies and Entrepreneurship, and was Captain of the Women’s Lacrosse team. She grew up in Glen Head, New York, and has 4 siblings.

our partners

Our core skills are complemented by an international network of subject-matter experts from the fields of geopolitics, corporate governance, biotech, social media and beyond. Our experts are writers, designers, videographers, technologists and academics.

Anne Grafé-Buckens


Anne Grafé-Buckens is a consultant with broad experience across climate change, environment, gender issues, sustainable consumption and supply-chain. Anne has taught Business and the Environment at Imperial College for 10 years, pioneering research into measurement, management and reporting of environmental, sustainability, and ethical performance. Prior to that she worked in a Public Affairs consultancy in Brussels, with a variety of clients adjusting to new EU environmental standards and legislation. Anne has a keen interest in in identifying new ways of thinking for the future, preserving common heritage; and using content to facilitate engagement on sustainability goals between key stakeholders: business leaders, NGOs, supra-national organisations and government.

Asher Dresner


Asher Dresner is a speechwriter and researcher who has written for a former UK Leader of the Opposition, a national regulator, senior business leaders, and blue chip companies. His work has been published in the Financial Times, Foreign Policy Magazine, and The Scotsman, amongst others.
Sumathi Menon

Sumathi Menon


Sumathi Menon spent many years managing technology for the financial services industry with Deutsche Bank and Bear Stearns in New York and London before taking a break and dabbling in NGO activities. She then retrained in Social Media and paid campaigns where she has found the perfect convergence for her technical and marketing skills. Sumathi works on social media strategies and paid campaigns for corporates in financial services, media, consulting and telecom industries.
Laya Medawar

Laya Medawar


Laya Medawar is a highly experienced strategy consultant and advisor to businesses in the Middle East and Europe spanning over 20 years. She leads the consulting practice of Full Circle Investments delivering advisory projects to leading regional and international clients on mandates including strategy development, business restructuring, operational optimisation and growth and enhancement. Previously, Laya worked in London with Bain & Company where she was part of the private equity team responsible for pre-acquisition due diligence and post-acquisition restructuring, growth and implementation. While at Bain, Laya worked on transactions with an aggregate value of US$5B. Following Bain, Laya was the Chief Operating Officer at Aureos Capital (now part of Abraaj Group) and Head of European Strategic Marketing at Marsh & McLennan. Laya has a degree in Chemistry from Oxford University and an MBA from INSEAD.

Pío Cabanillas


Pío Cabanillas is a communication, marketing and brand strategist. He is currently President of PROTV, a communication and branding consultancy company. He was formerly chief global brand and marketing officer at ACCIONA; chief communications officer at ENDESA and cabinet minister and spokesman for the Spanish Government; CEO of the RTVE public broadcasting group; Head of Development and International Relations at Grupo PRISA and General Manager of Canal+/SOGECABLE. He also acted as Deputy General Counsel at News Corporation and worked as a lawyer at the European Commission's Directorate-General for Competition.
Lara Soutekow

Lara Soutekow


Passionate about business solutions that also solve social or environmental problems, Lara Soutekow has 20 years of international experience as a strategy consultant developing innovative solutions for global consumer brand organisations and not-for-profits alike. Lara now project manages Kite Insights’ international assignments, including client engagements in Davos for the World Economic Forum. Originally from Italy, Lara has experience living all over Europe and is fluent in four languages. She now enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle living with her husband and children in Munich.
Liz Bolshaw / / Kite Insights

Liz Bolshaw


Liz is an experienced business editor, writer, analyst and journalist. She runs a communications consultancy, Headword Consulting, working with professional services firms, companies and think tanks to frame complex subjects and help leaders navigate successfully through them.

Previously a lead analyst within EY's Knowledge team, she led complex research projects, bringing together cross-functional teams across geographies to deliver insights at pace. At the Financial Times, she wrote longform pieces on a wide range of subjects, interviewed many of our generation’s most-admired corporate leaders and supported the FT’s digitalisation.

She has led debates at the Cambridge Union, moderated conferences for the EU and Chicago Booth, spoken on BBC Radio 4 on Thinking Allowed and PM. She has a degree and Masters in English from Cambridge University and an advanced strategy leadership diploma from Ashridge/Hult.

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