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About us

Kite Insights exists to empower people and organisations with the clarity and confidence to play their part in sustainable transformation

Global challenges require urgent and thoughtful action. But the issues that matter most are also the hardest ones to solve so we all need to play our part as the world transitions to a green economy.

We believe that every job can and should be a climate job and for over 10 years, we have been making climate action accessible and inclusive for all employees, from the boardroom to the warehouse.

Work with us to acquire the clarity, understanding and confidence to take thoughtful action on the issues that matter and we will help everyone in your organisation make sense of, take a stand on and build capabilities to take action on the issues that matter.

Make sense of the issues that matter

We support companies to understand the issues that matter helping them with their commitment of 'doing good well'.


Take a stance on the issues that matter

We help organisations take a stance on issues, shaping the debate and inspiring others to join. 

Build capability to act on the issues that matter

We ignite employees’ readiness, willingness, and ability to act in their role at work, supporting every employee in every job to contribute. 


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and how we can help organisations like yours.

Our emissions

As an SME, we have made a commitment to be net zero by 2030.

We are also signatories to The Climate Pledge.

In 2022 we started measuring our own emissions, as a first step to reducing our own footprint.  As part of our drive for transparency, here is our emissions report.