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Sophie LambinApr 20, 2022 5:57:32 PM< 1 min read

Climate Court: Cases of Climate Justice

As editorial partner to The New York Times, Kite Insights produced over 90 sessions of live journalism at The New York Times Climate Hub over the course of 9 days during COP 26 in Glasgow. This panel discussion featuring Lavanya Rajamani, Friederike Otto, Joana Setzer, and Luisa Neubauer, explores the recent surge in climate litigation and the implications for the private sector.

Almost every place on earth has felt the footprint of climate injustice. Fortunately, activists and lawyers have increasingly challenged the lack of legal action from political leadership in recent years, leading to the establishment of new precedents in courts. In this session, leading climate activists and lawyers will present some of these cases, assessing the harms and risks that were involved and how justice was sought. What are the trends and limitations of litigation as a climate strategy? How can those cases inspire and propel climate action today?