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Ela Stopford-SackvilleMay 31, 2023 9:59:09 AM2 min read

Kite Insights and Plan A partner to accelerate corporate decarbonisation

Today, Kite Insights and Plan A are proud to announce our shared contribution to helping businesses take meaningful climate action.

We are combining Kite’s ability to deliver learning and training content with Plan A’s corporate decarbonisation software to help businesses decarbonise and be part of the solution to climate change. Together, we aim to cultivate a business community that’s not just climate literate, but climate fluent.

To date, most of the action on climate has been led by governments and the sustainability departments of the biggest companies. But, to move as fast as we need to, we need all hands on deck. That means giving every organisation and every employee the best possible chance to be part of the effort.

At the moment, however, there is a knowledge gap. Too few employees understand the stakes, their organisation’s potential for impact, and how they can make a difference in their organisation.

Closing that gap is a complex, but achievable, task. And it’s at the heart of the Kite Insights and Plan A partnership.

Over the past decade, Kite Insights and Plan A have worked with companies leading the way on corporate climate action, but targeting different departments with different agendas. By combining our approach and offering, we’re aiming to help companies align their sustainability efforts internally and tap into the climate knowhow that is often siloed within organisations.>

What will this look like?

Together, Kite Insights and Plan A will design learning experiences that enable businesses to understand their impact and how to excel as a business in a net zero economy.

We’ll be creating ways to engage teams online and in person, so companies can find solutions and explore what it means to transform and be part of the coming green economy.

We’ll put at companies’ disposal the resources, tools and infrastructure for decarbonisation and give employees the confidence and understanding they need to suggest solutions and act in their roles to find new ones.

In our experience, this kind of training is also motivating. The more you can show employees how they can be part of the solution, the more motivated and engaged they are. In fact, our survey of 7134 employees across 15 industries and 10 countries found that 15% said that they had considered changing jobs in order to work more closely on climate-related issues within the last 12 months. It also found that 70% said they were ‘very’ or ‘quite interested’ in training related to climate action at work and that the same proportion said acting on climate change at work was important to their personal sense of motivation and wellbeing. Clearly, companies that provide quality climate education and training will have a competitive edge in terms of employee engagement and retention. They will become a magnet for talent.

We can’t wait to share more with you as our plans evolve.

Get in touch to learn more about the partnership.