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Sophie LambinApr 20, 2022 5:25:34 PM< 1 min read

Not There Yet: Truth-Testing Corporate Climate Promises

As editorial partner to The New York Times, Kite Insights produced over 90 sessions of live journalism at The New York Times Climate Hub over the course of 9 days during COP 26 in Glasgow. The following panel features Ryan Gellert, Katrin Bennhold, Jennifer Morgan and Chris James, as they discuss the risks and incentives for corporates wanting to take action on climate, but not ready for the organisational transformation it entails.

Today, it is commonly understood that greenwashing — where an organisation projects an image of climate engagement, rather than embedding climate goals into core business strategies — is the great enemy of climate action. But what about all the companies that aren’t yet ready to transform their business models and leap into the green transition; should they be given some opportunities and incentives to meet the net-zero pioneers halfway? Are half measures better than nothing, and do they demonstrate, at least, a commitment to change? If so, how can governments and investors truth-test how serious companies really are, and hold them to their commitments?