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Rich HendersonSep 14, 2023 7:20:48 PM< 1 min read

Sustainability and commercial growth. Myth or reality?

Are sustainability and commercial growth working in tandem at your company? Or in opposition? Probably somewhere in between, and you’re not alone.

Together with OxfordSM, Kite Insights have been working to better understand what holds companies back from aligning their sustainability and commercial strategies. And where companies can take practical steps to begin to merge those agendas.

We worked with a wide range of companies and interviewed more than a dozen senior business and sustainability leaders from across the CPG and pharmaceutical industries about their experience driving sustainable commercial growth.

We discuss:
🚫 The significant barriers these companies experience when aligning their sustainability and commercial growth agendas

🏢 Implications of those barriers for businesses, regulators and society more broadly

🌳 A view on how companies can tackle these challenges head on and begin to pave a more concrete and realistic path to sustainability-driven growth

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